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Remember Me

My Personal Preferences Questionnaire

This book was created as a way to document your

personal preferences so that in the future your desires and inclinations will be well known to the people who may care for you. You may do it yourself or with your caregiver.


The idea for this binder came from a dear friend of mine who was a published author of seventeen books for young readers. When she began having memory issues and subsequently moved into a nursing home, she would always say to me, “Please remember me even when I

may forget you.” The book features chapters on one’s preference in the areas of food, leisure activities, end of

life desires, relocation desires, clothing and culture.

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Title: Remember Me! My Personal Preferences Questionnaire

ISBN: 978-1-950960-34-7

Formats: Small 3-ring binder , 8.5" x 5.5" -  44 pages


Wire Coil Book: $15.95, plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S.

Other ways to buy: Send check for $17.95 to Aging Collective, 165 River Watch Lane, Youngsville, NC 27596


Greater Gifts:

Connecting Our Past to Your Future

This personal possessions binder is an inventory of gifts you would like to share with others in your family. What are gifts? They can be many different things to different people. The word “gift” is defined as something which is given voluntarily without payment in return to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion or make a gesture of help. A gift could be a donation, an endowment, a bequest, a legacy, a dowry or an inheritance.


So, when you think about connecting your past to your children or relatives’ future, your gifts could be cherished items; they could be stories and memories; they could be the example you set for them by the way you live your life. This binder is a tool to capture what gifts you’d like to share with your family after you pass away.

Note: If you have a smart phone, you might consider purchasing a smart phone printer that creates 4 x 6 prints right from the images on your phone.

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Title: Greater Gifts: Connecting Our Past to Your Future

ISBN: 978-1-950960-17-0

Formats: 3-Ring Binder, 9.75" x 11" -  48 pages


3-Ring Binder: $21.95

Plus $4.00 shipping in the U.S.

Other ways to buy: Send check for $25.95

to Aging Collective, 165 River Watch Drive, Youngsville, NC 27596


Caregiver’s Calendar


This calendar box is meant as a tool of inspiration for those who are caregivers, either in their own family or employed by others. The calendar pages share inspirational messages, humorous stories from other caregivers, Bible verses, and tips for caregivers.

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Title: Caregiver’s Calendar


Formats: Calendar


Coming in 2024


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