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Aging Collective is available for all types of corporate events, such as campaign concepts and strategies, sales training, business communication classes, “Conversations with Customers” training, dementia training for retail, how aging customers impact your business, employees as caregivers and many other topics.


Types of Events Available:

  • Corporate seminars and/or workshops

  • Developing customized training for your company

  • Counseling or training for employees who are retiring or who have to serve as caregivers

  • Eldercare management, consulting and advocacy

  • Corporate wellness classes

  • Collaborative business partnerships and resources

  • Encore careers program

  • Accelerator campaigns for entrepreneurs and startups focusing on the aging population


View a live training session - "Projecting an Eagerness to Serve"


We have presentation topics built around many different ​corporate concerns. These presentations can be customized around your specific corporate initiatives.


Engage Every Age

Our current workplace (Millennials, Boomers, Veterans, Gen Xers) and our world view regarding the aging population. Service expectations of each, marketing to each and communicating better with each age group.


Let Me Work: Engaging the Aging

How aging employees can add value to your business and ways the work culture can improve in terms of emotional, economic and physical results.


Keeping Cool when the Customer is Having Difficulty

Identifying potential issues among the older population. What upsets customers? Types of dissatisfied customers; how to deal with each.


Projecting an Eagerness to Serve

Elements of projecting an eagerness to serve the aging population and their caregivers? Moments of Truth. Creating a great customer experience.


Exceeding Customer Expectations

Psychology of the aging customer, customer nurturing and how do we exceed expectations? Phrasing and the difference it makes

You are What You Write: Email Etiquette

Challenges of email, how people interpret email; projecting an eagerness to serve in your emails.

Building Customer Rapport

Uncovering customer and employee needs, questioning techniques, four skills of inquiry, listening with empathy


Aging Environment: The Aging Customer Experience at Your Business

How would your company’s environment, services and employees score on our aging shopper’s/customer’s evaluation?


  • The “Aging Tsunami”

  • Learning to Listen

  • Preparing Your Aging Employees for the Future

  • Developing a Community Aging Specialist for Your Company

  • Engage in Wellness

  • We also developed customized seminars based on company issues and needs.


Lynne Peer (far right) after a presentation on Ageism featuring Ashton Applewhite's video, "Let's End Ageism."

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