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About Us

>> Who Is Aging Collective?

Aging CollectiveTM is a collaborative of consultants in a variety of complementary disciplines. These inter-professional relationships include individuals with expertise in graphic and website design, geriatric care management, architecture, design for aging in place, and wellness.


Aging Collective’s goals are to provide a variety of additional resources needed to meet your needs. We hope you will consider joining our collective if your services complement our collective and our mutual senior customers.


To promote the domains of wellness for the aging population, to advocate against ageism, to educate people and businesses on the aging tsunami and how it will affect them, and to inspire humankind to develop and implement solutions to address the aging crisis.  


To become change agents in the movement to promote the value and care of mature adults and to educate against ageism in our society.

Why Work with Aging Collective?

We are impassioned by the “Aging Tsunami” and are navigated by faith as we volunteer, teach, and train others to make a difference in aging care, the mature adult physical environment, and social context surrounding this demographic group.

Values & Principles

>> What Others Are Saying?

“I attended Jennie Griggs ‘Let Me Work’ presentation at a time when I had no job and was going to have to make a move because of my wife’s health.  Jennie’s presentation gave me hope.  We networked and she was able to put me in touch with a recruiter who lightened my spirits and provided some excellent suggestions and assistance in my new location.”  Michael R.

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