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>> Webinars and Online Training

Aging Collective is experienced at delivering online training, including college courses and webinars. Jennie has served as adjunct faculty at Wichita State in Aging Studies. Both Jennie and Lynne have presented webinars on various topics for different corporate and educational entities.

“Conversations” Webinar Topics

  • What is an Old Adult? What is a Young Adult? How Age Matters in Business


  • What is “Age-Friendly Retail?”


  • Aging/Disability Sensitivity Training for Employees Dealing with Mature Adults


  • Are we Dementia/Alzheimer’s Aware?


  • Communicating with a Senior’s Caregiver


  • Protecting Seniors from Fraudulent Activities and Financial Mishaps


  • Cross-generational Mentoring and How it Benefits Businesses


We can also present webinars on any of the topics listed on our site.


View a live training session - "Providing Service Excellence"

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