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How We Help

>> Education & Training

Aging Collective offers the following types of educational programs:

  • CEUs for Architects, Designers, Colleges and Other Learning Providers

  • Presentations for Corporate meetings and Internal Training

  • Presentations to Organizations and Associations

  • Teach in local colleges: (Certificate Program in Aging Studies)

  • Small Business Aging Specialist Training


  • Generations in the Workplace

  • Communication Skills in an Intergenerational Workplace

  • How to Enhance the Senior Experience

  • Trends in Aging

  • Communicating with the Aging Population

  • Beyond Aging in Place: The Evolution of Home

  • The Wellness Revolution Among the Senior Cohort

  • The “Aging Tsunami”

  • Biophilic Design and Senior Well Being

  • Intergenerational and Interprofessional Approaches to Aging

  • Dementia Friendly Training for Retail Stores

  • Evidence-Based-Fitness and Senior Exercise Programs for the Aging

  • Fall Prevention Strategies

  • Embracing Aging in the Workplace

  • Ageism, The Common Denominator among the Human Species

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