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How We Help

>> Corporate Consulting

Lynne Peer and Jennie Griggs are experienced segment marketers and corporate trainers and can provide a wide variety of facilitated programs for your company. We also develop training materials for your Human Resource or internal trainers to deliver.


  • Intergenerational Workforce Development

  • Engagement Centers for Active Living: The Benefits of Multigenerational Communities

  • Voice of the Aging Customer: Enhancing Customer Service, Increasing Market Share, Consumer Loyalty and Retention.

  • Communicating Effectively with an Intergenerational Population 

  • Ageless Business Environments

  • Collaborative Business Partnerships and Resources for Businesses

  • Encore Careers Program

  • Preparing your Aging Employee for the Future

  • Accelerator Campaigns for Entrepreneurs and Startups Focusing on Aging Populations

  • Development of Community Aging Specialists for Retail Businesses and Financial Institutions

  • When Your Employees Become Caregivers

  • Other Customized Courses based on Customer Need

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