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ZINNIA TV for Cognitive Issues

by Lynne Peer

This is a great resource for seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline and their caregivers.

What is Zinnia TV?

Zinnia TV is a growing collection of gently-paced videos designed to

create an enjoyable viewing experience for people who might find

regular TV challenging. Our videos can enhance a sense of comfort

and identity. When watched together with a care partner or a friend,

Zinnia TV generates meaningful opportunities for connection.

Make the most of Zinnia TV programming by choosing a topic of

high interest. Our videos allow viewers to take a walk in the woods,

a trip to Paris, or reminisce over time spent working in the garden,

baking or fishing. When paused, these scenes can be used to spark

conversations and increase interaction. There are also fun,

interactive videos, like Famous Faces and What do you Think?, and

videos that encourage activities of daily living, like Let’s Eat Lunch,

Let’s Get Clean and Stay Hydrated.

On a computer, tablet, or smart TV, go to

There are several levels of membership and also a free option. The videos are very calming with beautiful sound tracks and imagery. The one shown below is a sing-a-long. Check it out.



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