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"Remember Me" - A Reminiscence Tool

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Here's an idea for a friend or loved one who is experiencing cognitive issues.

"REMEMBER ME: A Personal Preference Questionnaire" is a useful tool to start a conversation with a loved one. It helps to document personal preferences so that in the future your or your loved one’s desires and inclinations will be well known to the people who love you and who may someday be caring for you or your loved one.

The booklet contains 9 chapters, each with 15-20 questions about such topics as how I spend my time, clothing, religion, exercise/leisure activities, food/beverages, relocation, how I want to be remembered and end of life desires. The information you gather will best used at the time in your life when you or your loved may not be able to communicate innermost feelings, desires and thoughts. This isn’t an exercise of legality but one to improve a person-centered approach with the goal of improving life regardless of its longevity.

This reminiscence tool can be ordered at our website at

Thank you for your interest in the aging population.

Lynne Peer and Jennie Griggs



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