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Proclamation for Seniors

by Jennie Griggs

Mayor Vivian Jones presented the following proclamation which defines Wellness and the importance of a community such as Wake Forest to commit to supporting their aging populations' well-being. It is only in communities such as this that there will be a continuous forward movement towards a sustainable future for all generations. As we move forward, prayerfully leaving COVID behind, the relevance of such collaboration and engagement of all ages remains an answer to existence.

A wish for all reading the document is to notice towns and communities such as Wake Forest who are successfully conquering the silo effect of segregated generations. Such reflection encourages citizens to become involved in the movement as they work together towards multigenerational engagement and collaboration to enhance the well-being of all ages. With grateful hearts, we welcome you to celebrate and become an active participant in National Senior Health and Fitness Day® on May 26th with us or within your own community not just on this day but every day.




WHEREAS, National Senior Health and Fitness Day® is the nation’s largest older adult health and wellness event, where more than 100,000 seniors will participate in local health and wellness events, the Town of Wake Forest will be one of the 1,000 plus locations in the nation to share in this celebration at the Northern Wake Senior Center.

WHEREAS, physical activity is an essential aspect of each individual’s goal of personal health and well-being; it is not the only domain of health and wellness being adopted in this event to enrich the well-being of our aging population and encourage active aging.

WHEREAS, wellness results from the human capacity to comprehend, accept and act upon our abilities to lead a purpose-driven and engaged life. To do so, one needs to embrace the Dimensions of Wellness identified as the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and vocational aspects of daily living to optimize life’s most extraordinary possibilities.

WHEREAS; we look to encourage our aging population to reach their fullest potential by engaging in 150 minutes of physical activity weekly; we also encourage this population to engage in activities that complement each of the mentioned wellness dimensions.

WHEREAS, we are focusing on the aging population; we wish to encourage all generations to participate and acknowledge National Health and Fitness Day 2021 to gain a greater understanding of older generations and how we as a community can sustain life to the fullest for all of its citizens.

'NOW THEREFORE I, Vivian Jones, Mayor of Wake Forest, do hereby proclaim MAY 26, 2021 as “NATIONAL SENIOR HEALTH AND FITNESS DAY in Wake Forest, NC and encourage all our senior citizens to join in the activities planned with the Wake Forest Senior Center or make sure you enjoy some fitness activity on this day.



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