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Inventory of Your Greater Gifts

Here's a holiday idea to connect the generations in your family.

Aging Collective has created a 3-ring binder as a tool to capture what gifts you’d like to share with your family. When thinking about connecting your past to your children or relatives’ future, your gifts could be cherished items: art, silver, photo albums, furniture and jewelry; they could be stories and memories; and they could be the example you set for them by the way you live your life and the advice you provide.

Several chapters are meant to serve as an inventory of items that you would like to make available to your family before or after your death. Other chapters focus on where to find important personal information, sharing stories and also thoughts, remembrances or advice you want to pass along to your family.

If you want to print your photos easily and quickly from a smart phone, you might consider a Kodak Smart Phone printer (shown below) or others from Amazon or a printer from Sharper Image.

This binder can be ordered from our website under How We Help: Publications. We hope you enjoy using this binder and will continue to visit our website at for other publications, aging resources, blogs, and information about our presentations and courses.

Lynne Peer and Jennie Griggs



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