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Emergency Planning for Older Adults

Severe weather can be frightening.

As millions of people are facing natural disasters as we enter into hurricane season, it would be a great time to check on your neighbors to see what kind of help they might need. Many are experiencing chronic health conditions, lack of mobility and the funds necessary to evacuate to a hotel away from home.

Would like to share some resources that could help you help your family members and neighbors who are facing emergency situations.

"Emergency Planning among Older Adults" sponsored by AARP, Michigan Medicine, and the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

The CDC has a resource site with a variety of articles to help older adults prepare for emergencies, create a disaster plan, handle pets and disasters along with tip sheets on several topics. These fact sheets are all downloadable.

AARP has an article on what to pack in your "go bag" to be prepared in the face of natural disasters:

To all our senior friends, hope you will be safe this hurricane season and be prepared to handle any and all natural disasters.

Lynne Peer and Jennie Griggs, Principals at Aging Collective



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