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Collaboration is the Way to Move Forward

Collaboration is the foundation of success. “(Brand. E., 2015. Collaboration and Sustainability). Great things will happen when A, B, and C of a community come together. To be effective, a Not-For-Profit often managing a senior center requires multiple kinds of relationships or collaborations to sustain and add value to our community. We now know that success will be found when providing the services and programs meeting patrons’ needs and wants and, most importantly, when there is the knowledge and flexibility to change on a dime during times such as COVID. It takes partnerships to be able to do this.

The majority of senior centers are viable partners for networks, coalitions, movements, strategic alliances, strategic co-funders, public or private partnerships, and collective impact initiatives. Or, to put it simply, perfect partners with just about any community organization. From the local garden club and Knights of Columbus to churches, as well as private, local or national entities such as Wegmans, Aetna, or Walmart.

When all stakeholders are gathered at one table, with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, knowledge, and expertise, an innovative sustainable vision relative to social change and long-term commitments is likely to occur. When our towns, businesses, and citizens contribute their time and talents, collaboration helps everyone move forward together!



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