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Aging and Breast Cancer

by Jennie Griggs

We hope you will join us to celebrate the more than 35 million Breast Cancer survivors. In general terms, in 2020, the estimate for invasive breast cancer is totaled more than 276,000 and non-invasive 50,000, while over 2,700 men are predicted to have the disease. Besides certain skin cancer types, age is one of the most significant risk factors affecting breast cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer in older women is common. Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women, with 21% of that

diagnosed over 70 and 40% over 65. Mammography is an effective breast cancer screening methodology for women ages 65 and over; however, new studies tell us that older women will benefit significantly from the three-dimensional technology is known as Tomosynthesis. This is the time of the year to review your Medicare policy and see if the 3-D procedure is covered. Join in the fight against

Breast Cancer as we honor, increase awareness, and continue to make a difference in the fight against the terrible disease affecting so many of our loved ones and population.


Angiola-Henry: Image/Unsplash

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